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Data Protection

In today's world...
In today's world data protection and information security is a vital component of business. Have you got the right safeguards in place to ensure that your business and customer data is safe, secure and retrievable?  
You cannot afford to be in any doubt about any aspects of your data protection responsibilities or you will be putting your organisation and your customers at risk.  
Cill Dara IT Consulting can advise and implement a data protection solution to suit your needs.  
  • Provide data protection education and training to your staff 
  • Sit with you to review your current level of data security and data protection compliance  
  • Work with you to create any policies & procedures that you might have overlooked 
  • Assist your organisation’s Data Protection Officer 
  • Act as an Interim Data Protection Officer for your organisation if needed. 

We will consult with you to understand your needs and ensure your and your customer's critical data is properly secured.  
Why wait for something to happen before acting - take steps now to protect your data, contact us today.

EU General Data Protection Regulation
The new regulations are quite comprehensive but at high level these are some of the changes being introduced to ensure data is protected: 
  • Fines – Organisations can be liable for any data protection breaches with fines of up to €20million or 4% percent worldwide turnover (whichever is greater). 
  • Breaches – any breaches are required to be reported within 72 hours. 
  • Consent – must be freely given by the individual and must be specific, informed and unambiguous, for example opt-out tick boxes would be outlawed. Individuals should be able withdraw Consent at any time. 
  • Data Protection Officers – Will be required for certain organisations. And all organisations should have various data protection policies and procedures in place. 
  • Data Erasure – Individuals will have the right to have their personal data removed. 
These regulations apply to all organisations large and small – if you store data about any individual in either paper or electronic format then the rules will apply to you. Examples of such data include staff records, customer records, medical records, student records, etc. 

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